Your Non-Lab Indicators of Health

Health is usually thought of in terms of the number on the scale or what our latest blood draw shows the doctor. But what about the non-numbered health indicators like how we feel, what our skin feels like and even what our mind is focused on. Many indicators of health can be seen very earlyContinue reading “Your Non-Lab Indicators of Health”

Your Governing Meridian & Your Health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is believed there are energy pathways running throughout our body carrying life vitality known as qi or chi. When a pathway becomes damaged or is blocked our vitality is impacted. This is where illness, disease and other health concerns arise that bring us pain and discomfort. Re-establishing and maintainingContinue reading “Your Governing Meridian & Your Health”

Naturally Supporting Caregiver Burnout

There are so many families managing illnesses of loved ones every day. From temporary needs to long term, both physical and mental, many people become the primary caregiver of their spouse, parent, child and more during illnesses and diseases where healing happens at home. The role of the caregiver is a lonely, isolating, exhausting, strenuousContinue reading “Naturally Supporting Caregiver Burnout”

Serving it up Hot

I fuss sometimes about having to cook for the family. It isn’t something I always want to do but the necessity of eating is well necessary. As with all chores I at times when I’m tired, stressed out, don’t feel like or some other reasons will not give it my all and as a resultContinue reading “Serving it up Hot”

The Natural Flow of Being on Time

When my family and I flew to Hawaii for our vacation the airport we were going out of was 2 hours away from home. I got my family up and in the car in the wee morning hours so we were able to be at the airport, parked in long term parking, shuttled, checked in,Continue reading “The Natural Flow of Being on Time”