What I Know About Shining

It may not be the biggest or fanciest tree but our family’s tree still sparkles and shines with twinkling lights and colors. It still fills my heart with gratitude that despite anything else that has gone on this year we can still be thankful. We can still appreciate what it means to come together inContinue reading “What I Know About Shining”

The Shine of Living Naturally Well

The presents are almost wrapped. What has needed to be mailed is long gone and on the way to others. Food is in the fridge waiting to be chopped, mixed and baked. The tree is up and we managed to get all the lights working and did not find any broken ornaments as we wentContinue reading “The Shine of Living Naturally Well”

Why Wishes Limit Us

Maybe there is a point in life where we are just tired of being covered in the dust and grit and realize we’ve been played into thinking it is more than just dirt. I had become so dissatisfied with my life that I thought wishing on stars was a waste of time. Dreams don’t reallyContinue reading “Why Wishes Limit Us”

We Don’t Shine Until

When I started Dragonspit Apothecary it was at a time my life was burning up in huge piles of shit in all areas. This was the exact description I used about my life at that time. Everything was in big piles and it was on fire. I was tired of being taken advantage of, chosenContinue reading “We Don’t Shine Until”

The Gift of Living Well

Work takes a lot of our time each day. Ok, let’s be honest most of us take work with us many places including our evenings, rest time, the bathroom and more. We never really disconnect from it sometimes. There are experiences we go through that don’t feel good to us, people we would rather avoid,Continue reading “The Gift of Living Well”