Shining Despite Everything

There are stories all of us have where we did something despite the odds or what we told was possible. Maybe we were even told we were crazy for thinking about it. We felt compelled, challenged, even dared though to take whatever it was on and by some determination, will and sweat equity we figuredContinue reading “Shining Despite Everything”

What It Means to Naturally Shine

When I speak of living naturally, I am talking about feeling our best as much as possible every day. Those times our energy is good, we feel rested and rejuvenated and our minds and bodies are ready to take on what comes in our day. Our emotions are lifted and our hearts are open toContinue reading “What It Means to Naturally Shine”

The Shining Hero of 2020

I get that it is really tough to find the good when all we hear is bad news. All of the bad news has left most of us deeply weary and wishing with our last bit of hope 2021 promises something better. Maybe the problem is we lacked a hero this year and that’s whyContinue reading “The Shining Hero of 2020”

December Natural News – SHINE

Given all all we have been through this year I look forward to holidays where we can shift focus to the more important matters in our life. The family, friends, loved ones and others we just enjoy and who lift our spirits when life wears us down. This year of course will be different forContinue reading “December Natural News – SHINE”

What I Know About Connections – VLOG

Connections are so important to our life. While we can do a lot without anyone we will sooner or later need others. From love, friendship, and more connections are the lifeline to what gives us breath.