What It Takes to Break Up with Sugar

Sweet, sweet sugar. The essence of every dessert. The delectable treat of every holiday, major and minor life event. It is the sweet comfort of tears and broken hearts too! Yes, sugar is both celebrator and comforter cornerstone ever present. How then can we even imagine a life without it? Is it even possible toContinue reading “What It Takes to Break Up with Sugar”

Why We Eat Fake Food

In true dramatic movie fashion, my image of fake food takes place in a desolate place that has long been vacated. I search the cabinets, drawers and places people normally kept food, when life was normal. Finding this small left behind package of some cardboard looking flat thing that is colorless and odorless is myContinue reading “Why We Eat Fake Food”

What to Eat When on Vacation

Picture this… You’re getting ready to pack for this awesome vacation you’ve been looking forward to for literally forever. You worked overtime and maybe even took a second job to get the upgrades. The tickets are paid for, hotel confirmed, early morning Uber scheduled for the airport, and you are hours before sitting on someContinue reading “What to Eat When on Vacation”

Eat the Pizza & Have Dessert

How often I have justified what I ate or drank. It was Tuesday. I had a bad day. I was hungry. My best friend was no longer my best friend. The list goes on. Food was always there for me. It didn’t matter what went down, I knew there was a carton of ice creamContinue reading “Eat the Pizza & Have Dessert”

Caving to Cravings

Cravings are a strange thing. Other than a uncomfortable point in pregnancy, who would otherwise ever eat pickles and ice cream together? There’s no explanation for this other than pregnancy hormones right? Cravings go so much deeper than a common want by creating this unsatiable need that can seem so illogical. We cannot explain whyContinue reading “Caving to Cravings”