The Wealth of Simple Trips

On the first trip we made after the year in isolation, we went to the beach. Fortunately for us it was just a little under two hours away but it might as well have been to a tropical destination at a five star resort for all our excitement. It was however just a two dayContinue reading “The Wealth of Simple Trips”

What Wealth Means to Our Kids

My son and I were driving home from his karate class this past Saturday and we saw a sports car. It was one of the new corvettes that was very noticeable at the stoplight.My son says as he is looking out the window of our minivan at it, that he is going to have aContinue reading “What Wealth Means to Our Kids”

For When You Don’t Feel Wealthy

There are plenty of days I really struggle with feeling my best. Yes, here I am the gal always telling you about what it feels like to live naturally well saying there are a lot of days I fight for it. There are just some days it is not all rainbows and unicorns and insteadContinue reading “For When You Don’t Feel Wealthy”

The Wealth of Our Labor

Most of us are saving for retirement. Whether retirement is a few years ago or still a long ways off we save for it as much as we can throughout our careers. The financial experts advise to have a million dollars or more saved up by the time retire in order to take care ofContinue reading “The Wealth of Our Labor”

Wealth in Knowing Who to Trust

We all have a story or two of someone we thought we could trust but turns out you couldn’t and something pretty bad happened. It has certainly happened to me and not only do you get really hurt from those situations but you also lose who you thought was a friend. At times maybe theContinue reading “Wealth in Knowing Who to Trust”