The Journey of Being Me

We spent a lot of our time trying to fit in. I realized after much experience of failing at it, I was not very good at fitting in. Maybe I was just going after the wrong things or perhaps I truly didn’t fit in. It feels incredibly painful to be rejected and you easily startContinue reading “The Journey of Being Me”

The Journey of Uncovering My Body

No one sets out to ruin their body and feel crappy all the time. Yet it happens to a lot of us. We put on a few pounds and then a few more before we realize our pants are not buttoning so easily anymore. Then the guilt, judgement and criticism set in within our ownContinue reading “The Journey of Uncovering My Body”

The Natural Way to Make Friends

I laughed when I typed in the title of this post. Making friends is not something I consider myself good at, much less mom friends. It has not been because of lack of common interests, I mean oh my goodness we have children in common if nothing else! No, it wasn’t interests, professions or evenContinue reading “The Natural Way to Make Friends”

What Led Me to Sell Oils

I was one of those people who said I never would do something like this; selling something that is. Who has time for it and seriously does anyone actually make money with it? I was convinced I was not a sales person and any effort I would put into something like selling products would beContinue reading “What Led Me to Sell Oils”

My Natural Journey with Golf

I used to play golf all the time. It was something I enjoyed and could hold my own playing, even playing from a few of the men’s forward tees depending on the course. When I got divorced from my first husband, an avid and very competitive player, I invested in a brand new set ofContinue reading “My Natural Journey with Golf”