Financial Freedom Through Living Naturally – Part 1 VLOG

Today’s vlog is part one of a three part series looking at how we can obtain true financial freedom by changing how we live. This series is not about being independently wealthy or winning the lotto but how in every day life we can dramatically shift our financial situations by being who we really areContinue reading “Financial Freedom Through Living Naturally – Part 1 VLOG”

What Living Naturally Free Feels Like

There are so many ways we can describe freedom. It’s a sensation, experience, feeling and emotion with many sides and deeply held personal beliefs. It is a powerful word that instills in us pride, encouragement, motivation and action. Free is an energy that underlines and emphasizes what we do next. It is the goal andContinue reading “What Living Naturally Free Feels Like”

What Real Freedom from Debt Feels Like

There is a lot of financial advice in the world that can be overwhelming and difficult to apply to your situation. It is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re buried under debt and obligations that feel like you cannot breathe. It is also hard to make some ofContinue reading “What Real Freedom from Debt Feels Like”

2020 Wellness Box Challenge – July

I think we tend to forget what FREE really means. How many times have you been drawn into something that was supposed to be free and it wasn’t really or what was free wasn’t worth it? I’ve fallen for it many times. Back when I used to clip coupons for my family the buy oneContinue reading “2020 Wellness Box Challenge – July”

July Natural News

When I choose the word FREE as this month’s 2020 Wellness Challenge I wasn’t thinking of July 4th or other historic events though they do seem to align. When I sat to build out the theme for each month FREE came up as a result of the work we have been doing to this point.Continue reading “July Natural News”