What Nourishment Feels Like

It was not the feeling of hunger like I expected. That rumbling and gurgling that lets you know your body needs food didn’t happen. It wasn’t depriving or limiting but rather freeing. It was deeper. The sensation that was more than a physical feeling of need. My bones felt and my mind craved it andContinue reading “What Nourishment Feels Like”

The Key to Understanding Frustration

I get frustrated a lot it seems, particularly around when things take too long or I can’t seem to get something done. Any pleasure I had in the process is done and I’m ready for the work of it all to be over. My frustration also seems to turn to anger sometimes too. It’s whereContinue reading “The Key to Understanding Frustration”

Better Than the Last One, Really?

I was facing yet another job turnover. This time the boss was a liar. They had said my work was bad in order to save their own reputation. The blame was passed down as it usually is in the workplace. As a result though, I was paying the price by not being given a promotion.Continue reading “Better Than the Last One, Really?”

The Squid Game within the Gratitude Challenge

When I built a gratitude challenge for my customers this past November I was also partly watching the Squid Games with my husband. It was not the fact I was particularly into the show but rather it shocked me such that I would get caught up in watching pieces of it with him. My commentContinue reading “The Squid Game within the Gratitude Challenge”