The Service of Shopping Naturally

I used to be one of those people up in the pre-dawn hours standing in the cold waiting for a store to open. Not the kind that would go camping or anything but I would arrive 30 to 45 minutes early, get in line and keep warm with thoughts of getting the door prizes andContinue reading “The Service of Shopping Naturally”

Serving it up Hot

I fuss sometimes about having to cook for the family. It isn’t something I always want to do but the necessity of eating is well necessary. As with all chores I at times when I’m tired, stressed out, don’t feel like or some other reasons will not give it my all and as a resultContinue reading “Serving it up Hot”

The Service of Gratitude

In my customer group this month we are talking about gratitude. We are using the oil of Spikenard in this process of exploring what it truly means to experience and feel deeply this emotion. It is one thing to say we should practice gratitude but what does that really mean? How do you do that?Continue reading “The Service of Gratitude”

In Service Big and Small

It is easy to take notice when someone does something heroic and big. It is exciting and compelling to watch someone step in and do something that seems out of reach for for someone else. It makes us all feel good and maybe even inspired to do more ourselves. Sometimes it takes someone doing somethingContinue reading “In Service Big and Small”