What I Know About Nature

When I think about nature the first thing that comes to mind is its splendor. The beautiful landscape that surrounds us with its gifts both physically and mentally. Nature is always giving to us in the very breath we breathe so it is of little wonder we refer to her as Mother Nature. She isContinue reading “What I Know About Nature”

The Natural Flow to Small Business

I have operated Dragonspit Apothecary for almost 3 1/2 years now while working full time. To say it’s easy wouldn’t be always true yet it has been rewarding, worthwhile and a constant reminder of what I really want most in my work life. There is a flow to my business that makes it adaptable toContinue reading “The Natural Flow to Small Business”

My Natural Nature

It occurred to me for those that have been devoted readers of this blog that you may not know me that well. Yes I have a bio and all but here I am filling your phone screen every day with gentle words of encouragement and you’re like but who are you? Who is this personContinue reading “My Natural Nature”

The Process of Living Naturally Well

There is this marketing technique that is entirely aimed at getting you to buy something because you are made to believe it will fix your problem. This product will make things better, you will be happier and all it took was you pulling out your credit card to purchase this thing to make whatever problemContinue reading “The Process of Living Naturally Well”

The Nature of Making Excuses

Today I’m calling us all out on the nature of our world right now and why the woes and impacts of 2020 are continuing to weigh down on so many of us in 2021.