Maddie’s Mat

Is there ever a project you sort of dread having to do? I mean yeah you were super excited about it at first but then as time went on and you got the materials to make the project you sort of lost ambition? Momentum? Or just sort of didn’t know how to get it done?Continue reading “Maddie’s Mat”

Treasure Haul – Finds From the Fabric Bin

There is a bin near the cutting station in every fabric store that is a gold mine. Sure you may have to spend a little time digging but there is gold there my friend. Fabric Gold. This special bin at my local fabric store is usually full especially after there’s been a sale or busyContinue reading “Treasure Haul – Finds From the Fabric Bin”

Threading Carefully

When I’m piecing a new quilt, attaching binding or quilting a top I have found the thread I use matters not only for the final look but for durability. I’m not a specific brand advocate when it comes to thread as I have found some very nice threads that were inexpensive and did a fabulousContinue reading “Threading Carefully”

Defeating Winter Cabin Fever – A Modern Log Cabin

The log cabin quilt block pattern is one of the oldest known quilt blocks. The pattern was best known for it’s practical use of scraps, worn out clothing and other available materials at a time when nothing could afford to go to waste.  It was also one of the more easy to hand sew andContinue reading “Defeating Winter Cabin Fever – A Modern Log Cabin”

Goldilocks and The Sewing Boxes

I admit I’ve used a lot of different boxes, bins, baskets and oddball containers to hold my sewing things over the years. In my early days of sewing, I would often resort to tin coffee cans and red Solo plastic cups to hold pins, bobbins and various other sewing notions. I wouldn’t even bother makingContinue reading “Goldilocks and The Sewing Boxes”