The Core of Physical Health

All of this month my posts have focused on different aspects that impact, influence, impair, support, and drive our physical health. From the food and beverage we take in, our movements, our sleep and even our skin all have a say in our well-being. However, physical health goes much deeper than that. We are aContinue reading “The Core of Physical Health”

Bottling the Energy of a Child

I cannot imagine anything more joyful than seeing my son play. Now that I work from home full time I am often treated to afternoons of seeing him run in our cul-de-sac chasing his puppy, riding his bike or playing with neighborhood friends. Sometimes he has both shoes on, sometimes just one or none andContinue reading “Bottling the Energy of a Child”

Fat Shame

It’s a sensitive subject talking about weight. It’s something we can’t always hide or “cover up” yet we rarely openly talk about it. In a society where we are supposed to be accepting and open to all regardless of gender, religion, color or culture we are still greatly discriminatory towards someone who is overweight. TheContinue reading “Fat Shame”

The Slim Budget Approach to Weight Loss

We often hear about the cost of being overweight. The increased cost in health care and support for illnesses related to being overweight. The extra cost to modify sizes and weight limits in clothing, furniture and other daily life needs. While we know getting healthy and shedding pounds is good for us it can beContinue reading “The Slim Budget Approach to Weight Loss”

Inspiring Action to Exercise

Finding the right momentum to help you get started and keep going with exercise is key to long term success. Often we start out super excited about wanting to lose weight or get healthy and slam our body with hours of exercise and new routines only to see our excitement fizzle flat in a coupleContinue reading “Inspiring Action to Exercise”