What I Know About Building the Perfect Life

I think we are all builders in our life. We are constantly starting something new, seeing something through and if we’re lucky getting to step back and admire our accomplishment. That seems like what life is a lot about it seems. Building, creating, transforming and emerging something from nothing or very little. In my ownContinue reading “What I Know About Building the Perfect Life”

Broken Trust

Some of the hardest lessons I have learned in my life is realizing too late you’ve trusted the wrong person. Very few things I’ve learned are as painful and devastating as when someone betrays your confidence, takes advantage of you or outright lies or steals. When this has happened to me I really have aContinue reading “Broken Trust”

Beyond the Paycheck

I had dinner recently with some co-workers from out of town. We were all together for a day long meeting. Due to flights it worked out that 3 of them were able to stay an extra night and we used it to share a meal together. One of these individuals I have known for yearsContinue reading “Beyond the Paycheck”

If COVID-19 Taught Me Anything

I don’t think the world will ever be the same after what we saw happen when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Before this announcement we saw massive restrictions start to be self-imposed by businesses on travel and a shortage of supplies in our grocery stores. There was a growing fear of uncertaintyContinue reading “If COVID-19 Taught Me Anything”