The Lost Art of People Watching

I heard a podcast the other day that said North Americans have 0.7 friends today. The podcast was from England and was talking about the rise in reported cases of loneliness and depression. To emphasize the point they shared this stat about our lack of in real life friends. From their research we are soContinue reading “The Lost Art of People Watching”

Your Gut Knows

It’s true our guts are like a second heartbeat in our body. Our gut has instincts warning us of stressors, danger and harm. It also is like a central processing center taking in all we put in our bodies to break it down, sort it out and send it in all directions to our cells.Continue reading “Your Gut Knows”

January Flow

I don’t hide the fact that winter is my least favorite of the seasons. It’s the cold really and well the dark too. Now that all the holiday decorations are put up and things around the house are back to normal it feels clean and simple and maybe a little plain. It’s amazing how aContinue reading “January Flow”

January Natural News

Fresh and New. The words we start each year feeling and hoping for that will support our desires and goals. We enter each new year like having a fresh piece of paper in front of us in which we can draw, doodle or paint whatever we like. It is a new beginning, a fresh start,Continue reading “January Natural News”

Best of 2019

I did this top 10 most liked blog posts last year to commemorate the first year of my blog. I did it out of curiosity to learn what my new readers and followers liked so I could more of that in 2019. It surprised me what people liked the most. Some posts I thought forContinue reading “Best of 2019”