What I Know About Learning

Learning is at the very core of what makes humans who we are. Our ability to generate, absorb, be inspired by and build what we do from what we learn is simply unlike any other creature on this planet. We have incredible abilities and talents to do, figure out and manifest the impossible. While itContinue reading “What I Know About Learning”

The Journey of a Dollar Spent

It is crazy to me that I can be browsing online for underwear and socks for our son because he’s outgrowing his and then poof there’s boys underwear and socks on my Facebook feed. I sure hope those spys following me don’t think something weird is going on. I promise I’m just a mom ofContinue reading “The Journey of a Dollar Spent”

Lessons from the Start Line

You ever have that thing you want to learn and be good at but all you find is you keep going back to the start line to try again? You just never seem to quite get it figured out or succeed at it and there is just starting over and over again. You feel likeContinue reading “Lessons from the Start Line”

Learning to Live Naturally – VLOG

Today’s vlog is about how to learn to live more naturally. For me learning about living naturally is just as important as actually doing it. What I learned was it included things that actually worked for me and my family as well as what fit into our budget. Figuring all that out was indeed aContinue reading “Learning to Live Naturally – VLOG”

The Summer of Unused Luggage

The Summer of Unused Luggage, that’s what I called this year. We have spent most of the summer at home this year and I’m not as upset about that as I thought I would be. I’m not normally a fan of stay-cations but this year it seemed the right thing to do. Like many familiesContinue reading “The Summer of Unused Luggage”