January Natural News

Fresh and New. The words we start each year feeling and hoping for that will support our desires and goals. We enter each new year like having a fresh piece of paper in front of us in which we can draw, doodle or paint whatever we like. It is a new beginning, a fresh start,Continue reading “January Natural News”

The Christmas Spirit

When I think of paying it forward I think of those times when I or someone steps in to provide something entirely unexpected. As I was doing some cleaning in my office I found something that reminded me of this type of kindness and how timely it was right here at Christmastime. Personally, I thinkContinue reading “The Christmas Spirit”

On a Quiet Winter Night

Here I am enjoying blissful quiet moment in the living room by myself. Our son has been bugging to put up the Christmas decorations and the tree and I know that is exactly what we’ll be doing this weekend. Soon our living room will be full of plastic bins and little boxes that I useContinue reading “On a Quiet Winter Night”

Christmas Ghost Stories

As a kid it never made much sense to me why there would be ghosts and Christmas together. Ghosts clearly belonged in Halloween and Christmas is all Santa, elves and reindeer. When I would watch the Scrooge movie and see that the ghosts were really about foretelling the future and giving the Scrooge options thatContinue reading “Christmas Ghost Stories”

The Christmas Feeling

I know a lot of people, myself included at times, who struggle getting into the “Christmas spirit.” We just don’t feel Christmasy or we aren’t into all the sparkle and joy that is around us. I often have to wonder about all those people who say they want to put their Christmas tree in OctoberContinue reading “The Christmas Feeling”