What I Learned from a Nurse

Working in healthcare the past 30 years has meant I’ve worked with quite a few nurses. Some I have become very good friends with over the years and others I couldn’t wait to get away from. They all shared however the common trait of genuinely caring for people. Underneath their sometimes overly direct, rough exteriorsContinue reading “What I Learned from a Nurse”

90 Days Ago

Back in January, when it was still gray and cold I encouraged you to look ahead 90 days. I asked you to dream what your life would be like just 90 days from then. What could you change? What could you do? What progress could you make? You can read that post from January 13,Continue reading “90 Days Ago”

The Effects of Happiness

We are taught early on that pride is a bad thing. It’s showy and no one wants to be around someone who is bragging all the time. I was taught that it’s impolite to bring yourself up in conversations unless asked. Yet we sometimes have really exciting big and small things that we are indeedContinue reading “The Effects of Happiness”

Shedding What Weighs Us Down

I don’t know many homes that are truly sparse and minimal. We all have stuff we carefully hide in attics and closets. Sometimes stored in plastic bins or old cardboard boxes. I recently saw one of my neighbors with their garage door open and it looked like her master closet with rows of hanging clothesContinue reading “Shedding What Weighs Us Down”

2020 Wellness Box Challenge – March

Moving into the season of Spring we can often find it easier to start an exercise routine or just increase our activity. We are naturally more busy this time of year feeling a need to go outside and take in the fresh air. Having completed a cleanse in our January Wellness box (or February ifContinue reading “2020 Wellness Box Challenge – March”