Smudging the Neighborhood

I had this dream the other night I was wearing this gorgeous multi-colored maxi dress running barefoot throughout my neighborhood. Nothing unusual about that right? Just me running freely like a wild child throughout the streets going by the houses I’ve lived around for the past 15 years. The fact I was holding burning whiteContinue reading “Smudging the Neighborhood”

Is There Really Only Death and Taxes?

There used to be this old saying that there were really only two things in life that were certain, death and taxes. Neither are particularly pleasant so I assume whoever famously said this was not happy with his tax Form 1040 results. Given everything politically going on in our government these days not many ofContinue reading “Is There Really Only Death and Taxes?”

Adrenaline Junkie Withdrawals

This was it. This is why people in horror movies walk blindly into a room they know doesn’t seem normal. It feels like being a mosquito in a trance for the light it knows is going to zap them but they go towards it anyway. Every cell in my body was screaming like a movie-goerContinue reading “Adrenaline Junkie Withdrawals”

The Modern Day Mid-Life Crisis

A mid-life crisis used to be described as this point in time when men would go out and buy a shiny red sports car and find a younger and blonder person by their side. Everyone could see these men were trying to tightly clench their own youthful vitality through redefining what made them feel alive.Continue reading “The Modern Day Mid-Life Crisis”

The Strong on Life’s Journey

At an early age I knew I was going to have be strong. Strong in physical endurance to run or stand tall, eventually I would learn when to do which too, though sometimes I do struggle on this one. Strong in determination and grit. Strong to carry on when others gave up on me, themselvesContinue reading “The Strong on Life’s Journey”