Lava Love

Our son and his friends have this game they call “the floor is lava.” When playing it the object is to not touch the floor or area that is “lava” and reach the other end of the space quickly. Sometimes this means crawling on furniture, dashing across really fast or distracting your opponents so youContinue reading “Lava Love”

What I Know for Sure About Year End Holiday Time

I intentionally held this post back so it would appear between Thanksgiving and Christmastime. I intentionally also held back how I wanted to write this because different approaches kept coming to me on just how to say what I wanted for this special post. Sometimes these posts just pour out of me like smooth morningContinue reading “What I Know for Sure About Year End Holiday Time”

What I Know for Sure About Fall

Those crisp leaves of bright colors sure have a way of telling us a few things about change. What was once green and lush is now yellows, reds and browns filling the ground all around us. There is very little that doesn’t change and the kindest of changes are the ones we see gradually andContinue reading “What I Know for Sure About Fall”

October Natural News

Oh Fall! It’s a happy-sad season for me. I enjoy the colors that we can go visit in the mountains and the apples we get up that way. I do also enjoy the lower humidity where we live but it reminds me that summer is now gone. The days of bright sun and warm breezesContinue reading “October Natural News”

Uplifting and Rising Support

All this month we have been sharing strategies for deepening our self-love and how doing so will influence what and who is around us.  The premise being that all the incredible things we want to achieve and have in our life is possible when we start with who we are and loving that person. Today, we’reContinue reading “Uplifting and Rising Support”