Eat the Pizza & Have Dessert

How often I have justified what I ate or drank. It was Tuesday. I had a bad day. I was hungry. My best friend was no longer my best friend. The list goes on. Food was always there for me. It didn’t matter what went down, I knew there was a carton of ice creamContinue reading “Eat the Pizza & Have Dessert”

A Word About Dieting

Ok so it’s more like a couple thousand words but I feel like this isn’t something we talk enough about. Oh sure we talk a lot of what diet everyone is trying these days and looking at excited before and after pictures. We even talk about what we should not eat or can’t eat becauseContinue reading “A Word About Dieting”

The Perils of the Grocery Store

When we want to improve our health most of us usually start with the grocery store and look at things we buy to eat. However, do you know what is really in your food and if it is actually helping you achieve those goals? In today’s Tune in Tuesday, we’re talking food. Where we getContinue reading “The Perils of the Grocery Store”

Half Banana Dieting

I saw a post on social media that read, “If you’re wondering if you’re *allowed* to eat a full banana then you’re on the wrong diet.” This particular post caught my attention because I had just been realizing how many smoothie recipes and meal guided plans include a half banana. I was struck with aContinue reading “Half Banana Dieting”

Family Dinner Times

One of the best parts about fall is the hearty food. I have a list of favorites I actually enjoy making and having for dinner this time of year. These are foods that taste best when it’s chilly outside and the darkness of early evenings brings us inside together. It’s a time of heaping potsContinue reading “Family Dinner Times”