Then the Clutter Went Away

When you begin to use more natural products in your life you for some reason also become more conscious of waste and clutter. You look to extend the life of what you have and up-cycle what is used for new purposes. There’s interest in seeing what you don’t need or what can be done differentlyContinue reading “Then the Clutter Went Away”

Better Homes & Gardens Stress

Isn’t it ironic how sometimes simple ends up being more work? I look at all these pretty magazine photo shoots of these simple comfy living rooms all nicely decorated in shades of white for the holidays and think wow that looks beautiful! It’s simple yet homey. It feels yummy and you want to cuddle upContinue reading “Better Homes & Gardens Stress”

Why Frankincense & Myrrh are Special

Throughout the Christian Bible are stories that mention oil being used. Oil was used to ceremonies and rites including births and deaths. There are also stories of oils being used to heal the sick, bless and annote people. Oil was also used as gifts such as the birth of the baby Jesus. In many storiesContinue reading “Why Frankincense & Myrrh are Special”

Why We Love Farmhouse Styles

It is no secret at all that the latest design trends in home decorating and style is called “farmhouse.” This style has come up everywhere including home construction floor plans, paint colors, furniture and even accents and decor. It is literally in every magazine you see and all over the HGTV home redo shows. EverythingContinue reading “Why We Love Farmhouse Styles”

The Frugality of Fall

Nature is a natural saver. It beckons us to harvest, store, preserve and save from the bounties of fruits and veggies it has provided so we have food for the colder months ahead. It calls to us for taking in what we will need and appreciating the labor of our hands in the process ofContinue reading “The Frugality of Fall”