March Natural News

The early buds of spring popping from the ground. The warm sun dripping deeper into days to make them longer. We are emerging from a long winter’s nap into a warm delight of Earth’s awakening. We are seeing new growth emerge against still cold damp ground as if to tell us hope is turning intoContinue reading “March Natural News”

Why Frankincense & Myrrh are Special

Throughout the Christian Bible are stories that mention oil being used. Oil was used to ceremonies and rites including births and deaths. There are also stories of oils being used to heal the sick, bless and annote people. Oil was also used as gifts such as the birth of the baby Jesus. In many storiesContinue reading “Why Frankincense & Myrrh are Special”

What I Know for Sure About Year End Holiday Time

I intentionally held this post back so it would appear between Thanksgiving and Christmastime. I intentionally also held back how I wanted to write this because different approaches kept coming to me on just how to say what I wanted for this special post. Sometimes these posts just pour out of me like smooth morningContinue reading “What I Know for Sure About Year End Holiday Time”

The Frugality of Fall

Nature is a natural saver. It beckons us to harvest, store, preserve and save from the bounties of fruits and veggies it has provided so we have food for the colder months ahead. It calls to us for taking in what we will need and appreciating the labor of our hands in the process ofContinue reading “The Frugality of Fall”

The Energy Essence of Fall

As soon as the days start to have less humidity and the nights are cooler allowing windows to be opened after a long steamy summer it’s like a fresh energy sweeps through my house. It is a charge you can feel enter and stretch to every corner vibrating the air as it brings in Fall’sContinue reading “The Energy Essence of Fall”