Traveling for Business Naturally

Just me. Table for one please. I was tired of eating in my hotel room out of take-out containers in front of the tv and my work laptop. This was a great restaurant and I always enjoyed it there but this time I was by myself. That should be ok I bravely told myself followingContinue reading “Traveling for Business Naturally”

The Rules of Sharing at Work

There is an odd comfort that comes from commiserating with our co-workers. We may not otherwise even like these people but on this one thing where we spend the majority of our week each week we can relate to each other. There is a common understanding and appreciation for what we all endure to provideContinue reading “The Rules of Sharing at Work”

Climbing the Ladder of Success

Success for me has changed over the years. Maybe it’s ages or experience, some wisdom that you gain or the more you see the world. It is not what it used to me for sure though I cannot tell you distinctively when that happened. The measurements of success also changed for me. My goals andContinue reading “Climbing the Ladder of Success”

Simply Put I Forgot

I have a long time friend who is also a mentor to me. She helped me get my start in healthcare when I was young and has grown into that motherly friend and mentor that I know is always there for me. There is the sound advice, no nonsense calling me out on my bullshitContinue reading “Simply Put I Forgot”

Simple is a Complicated Perspective

I was having lunch with a friend the other day who knew things were going rough in life for me lately. She knew the highlights of how I was suffering from anxiety and had taken a medical leave from my job as a result. Lunch was the talk I needed to pour out my heartContinue reading “Simple is a Complicated Perspective”