The Backside of the Unintended Super Hero

I don’t know that we ever really feel ready for what we have to face in life. The old teaching that we are never given more than we can handle or that we are always where we need to be are intended to comfort in these situations but too often leave us still in doubt.Continue reading “The Backside of the Unintended Super Hero”

Enjoy the Free Things in Life

I woke up extra early one Saturday because I heard noise outside. It was the neighbor loading up his boat for a day on the lake and some fishing. He was retired and yet still did these crazy things like loading up his boat at 4:30 in the morning on Saturdays. It was going toContinue reading “Enjoy the Free Things in Life”

The Gory Details of Warrior Anxiety

When I feel my blood pumping as a result of having a sudden shock of surprise from something it makes me feel anxious. That switch in my brain goes from relaxed and enjoyment to stress and anxiety and then has a hard time switching back. I think that is one of the side effects ofContinue reading “The Gory Details of Warrior Anxiety”

Rethinking News Media Sharing

News is usually labeled good or bad. Even before we hear news we have this internal decoder guiding us in thinking if it will be good or bad. We hope for good news but steel ourselves for the bad. Sometimes there is no telling what will be said. There is rarely an in between newsContinue reading “Rethinking News Media Sharing”

Traveling for Business Naturally

Just me. Table for one please. I was tired of eating in my hotel room out of take-out containers in front of the tv and my work laptop. This was a great restaurant and I always enjoyed it there but this time I was by myself. That should be ok I bravely told myself followingContinue reading “Traveling for Business Naturally”