The Journey of Being Me

We spent a lot of our time trying to fit in. I realized after much experience of failing at it, I was not very good at fitting in. Maybe I was just going after the wrong things or perhaps I truly didn’t fit in. It feels incredibly painful to be rejected and you easily startContinue reading “The Journey of Being Me”

The Spirit of Living Naturally

I am always attracted to those ads where it shows someone running freely in a field of wildflowers with the sun shining brightly. Their hair is flowing and you know they are just enjoying that moment. It is meant to make us feel that desire to be relaxed, carefree and enjoying life. I am attractedContinue reading “The Spirit of Living Naturally”

You Don’t Find Wealth Picking on Others

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen too many Karen memes but I have to speak out on this topic. We are jaded people! Hear me on this we are incredibly quick to pounce on people who are doing something that we’re not ourselves trying. We laugh at them. We are extra judgy about what they areContinue reading “You Don’t Find Wealth Picking on Others”

A Wealth of Normal

Who doesn’t like normal? It feels well normal compared to dramatic and upsetting. Normal is the stuff we use to describe our days as alright. Nothing stellar but not bad. It is the routine of normal that we often miss when it is catrostopically interrupted like it was in 2020. Normal is what we pursueContinue reading “A Wealth of Normal”

The Wealth of Changing Our Job Luck

I have had a lot of career turmoil. Maybe that’s not so unique from anyone else. It can really seem you’re either on the track to prosperity or dead ends when it comes to jobs. The trouble is most of the time you don’t realize which track you’re on until the train is full speedContinue reading “The Wealth of Changing Our Job Luck”