What I Know for Sure About Year End Holiday Time

I intentionally held this post back so it would appear between Thanksgiving and Christmastime. I intentionally also held back how I wanted to write this because different approaches kept coming to me on just how to say what I wanted for this special post. Sometimes these posts just pour out of me like smooth morningContinue reading “What I Know for Sure About Year End Holiday Time”

Chakra Supporting Oils

When we practice self-care through yoga, meditation or other activities in those precious quiet moments we can steal from our day, it is an ideal time to focus on specific areas of our body known as the chakras. There are 7 main areas (chakras) that we can focus on depending on our body’s messages forContinue reading “Chakra Supporting Oils”

Litsea: The Oil of Manifestation

This month, doTERRA challenges us to be explorers! New and experienced oil users can be on the same journey as we explore the wonderful properties of two oils doTERRA has rolled out for only this month in the US – Litsea and Manuka. This is a special that will only be available through August soContinue reading “Litsea: The Oil of Manifestation”