Holiday Travels

Some of us will soon be packing bags to head off to see distant family. Perhaps to our hometown where we went to elementary school and ran the streets on bikes with our friends. Maybe we'll be off to fun mountain villages to take in tourist spots and enjoy some outdoor hiking. The Thanksgiving holiday… Continue reading Holiday Travels

The Work Trip Support System

Many of us travel a lot for work. It can be seen as glamorous to those who don't work this way but those of us who have done it for a while know that glitter rubs off really quick. There is nothing fun about the "cattle call" to get on the plane, spending hours sitting… Continue reading The Work Trip Support System

Hotel Spray – Making The World Cleaner and Smell Better

I always have to wonder how thorough the cleaning was in between guests and what is on the mattress in my hotel room.  Nothing against people who clean hotel rooms for a living as I know they have a truly hard job and many work extremely hard at these jobs for their families. The entire… Continue reading Hotel Spray – Making The World Cleaner and Smell Better