The Gift of Childlike Perspective

It is not just the cookies and sweets this time of year. A sugar high factors into it but honestly it is just pure exhilaration of the time of year. There is not a child on this planet not in high hyper mode impatiently waiting for year end holidays. The anticipation of mailing that letterContinue reading “The Gift of Childlike Perspective”

Kids Stuff to do on Holidays

It seems kids have at least one day off a month from school for some reason or another and then there is the year end breaks. In our area schools close basically the last 2 and 1/2 weeks of December and first week of January. It’s a large amount of time where parents are jugglingContinue reading “Kids Stuff to do on Holidays”

Watching Life Change

Many of my friends had children go off to college and start their adult phase of their lives this year. I’ve watched these beautiful women cry, write beautiful heartfelt notes on social media and have deep pain in their hearts as they went through watching this change occur. They said it was bittersweet because onContinue reading “Watching Life Change”

October Natural News

Oh Fall! It’s a happy-sad season for me. I enjoy the colors that we can go visit in the mountains and the apples we get up that way. I do also enjoy the lower humidity where we live but it reminds me that summer is now gone. The days of bright sun and warm breezesContinue reading “October Natural News”

Summer Slumber

The lazy days of summer are a treat! I prefer the carefree days of summer where there can be schedule flexibility and enjoyment outside to the hustle and bustle of year end holidays in the cold. Summer just calls for a time of growth, renewal and uplifting of our souls to take a moment toContinue reading “Summer Slumber”