Just Three Women and Some Shrimp

I went out with a couple friends recently for a happy hour and small meal. There was a special somewhere local and it was the perfect excuse to take a break and catch up with one another. This isn’t something I do often because things don’t usually work out with schedules, child care or someContinue reading “Just Three Women and Some Shrimp”

The Power of Touch

A really warm, loving, strong embrace that you feel encompassed by. It strengthens, comforts and fills you with hope. That simple gesture uplifts your soul, letting you know you are loved, appreciated, included, supported and cared for. That embrace is safe letting us know it’s ok to let tears fall and our guard off dutyContinue reading “The Power of Touch”

Love of Political Differences

Today it seems we are not allowed to be different or have a difference in opinion. If we do we can expect a backlash of how wrong we are and how could we be so limited. We talk about equal rights and loving one another regardless of differences, respecting one another to live the lifeContinue reading “Love of Political Differences”

Christmas Magic

Sparkle and tinsel. Ribbons and bows. Cocoa and cookies. These my friend are magical things of Christmastime. For some reason ordinary things take on a beautiful magic this time of year and it feels of anticipation and love. So many look forward to this time of year because of those feelings of excitement, joy, happinessContinue reading “Christmas Magic”

Healing Our Friendships

I wrote back in September about the challenges many of us women have in trusting other women and developing deeper relationships with one another (read it here: Crossing the Line in Direct Sales.) That post triggered so many comments from women stating that what is in that post is right on point and the contentContinue reading “Healing Our Friendships”