Love Doing One Thing at Time

First off today is a Friday so it automatically gets a higher boost of why I love it over other work days. I try really hard not to wish my days away but sometimes the appeal of a Friday end of work day and 48 hours of focusing on other things is exciting. It’s notContinue reading “Love Doing One Thing at Time”

Love Feeling Good

When you think of feeling good it often refers to how our bodies are feeling, what our energy level is like and our mood. It is an alignment of all things adding up to some yummy feel good sensations in our mind, body and overall being. It’s like we don’t have a care in theContinue reading “Love Feeling Good”

A Passion for Work

Many of us have lost the passion for day-to-day living. Oh sure we look forward to the Friday, the weekend, our summer vacation or some other major event. However we are always looking forward instead of where we are now. It’s always something in the future or something we’re waiting for that we are showingContinue reading “A Passion for Work”

The Heart & Hormones

I have now reached this time in my life where I notice things changing in my body. These changes have been subtle for the most part but yet ever present. In honesty they have made more more aware of how things are always changing around me. I’m not slowing down as a result and lifeContinue reading “The Heart & Hormones”

Love of Winter

There are a lot of people, me not, who love winter. They love the cold temps, snow and all things wintry. By February though most, even the die hard lovers, have had their fill of shoveling snow, bundling up and living in gray days. The driving sleet and slush has over stayed it’s welcome andContinue reading “Love of Winter”