Love of Winter

There are a lot of people, me not, who love winter. They love the cold temps, snow and all things wintry. By February though most, even the die hard lovers, have had their fill of shoveling snow, bundling up and living in gray days. The driving sleet and slush has over stayed it’s welcome andContinue reading “Love of Winter”

On the Cold Dark Mornings

Here it is Monday again. Like most winter Mondays in January this one is cold and it’s still dark outside while you stand there at the coffee pot waiting for it to finish. If you’re like me you’re looking out the window over the sink listening to the coffee pot while the dog is chompingContinue reading “On the Cold Dark Mornings”

Winter Aromas

I am not a winter lover. Cold weather, blustery winds, dark afternoons and of course having to bundle up wherever you go. Thankfully, where I live in South Carolina winters are not as brutal as they were when I lived in Michigan and Kentucky but there is enough to remind me it’s not my favoriteContinue reading “Winter Aromas”

Cold Weather Eating and Moving

When it’s freezing and miserable outside most of us think of cuddling up inside with warm comforting foods. We’re thinking of soups, hot biscuits and “stick to your ribs” food to stay warm.  We think of board games, books and movies as our entertainment since playing outside can be done but is often short livedContinue reading “Cold Weather Eating and Moving”

Surviving a Southern Winter – Warm Hands and Heart

There are worse places to spend winter than in the South. I personally do not like snow, ice, sleet, blistering cold and all that “winter stuff” so the South suits me just fine.  When the temperature gets below 50 degrees I tend to get a little grumpy and want to hibernate. Sure, we will getContinue reading “Surviving a Southern Winter – Warm Hands and Heart”