On the Cold Dark Mornings

Here it is Monday again. Like most winter Mondays in January this one is cold and it’s still dark outside while you stand there at the coffee pot waiting for it to finish. If you’re like me you’re looking out the window over the sink listening to the coffee pot while the dog is chompingContinue reading “On the Cold Dark Mornings”

Our Journey with PTSD

I’ve actually had this post written for months but it never felt right to publish it. I would occasionally see it in my drafts and pass by it not wanting to talk about it. I didn’t want to talk about it at home anymore either much less write about it and yet I did. IContinue reading “Our Journey with PTSD”

December Natural News

Here we are among the tinsel and lights once again. The spirit of year end holidays broadly present in all our daily activities and conversations. This time of year can be busy but yet we disengage from a lot of other normal daily things to focus on the celebrations at hand. We look for theContinue reading “December Natural News”

Emotional Holidays

We all have preconceived ideas of what the best holiday looks like. We all have ways we enjoy spending them. Some of us avoid the holidays and don’t like them as much as others. We delay, stall and grumble about the stores because it is our comfort zone. Some are planning holidays well before seasonsContinue reading “Emotional Holidays”

Healing Our Friendships

I wrote back in September about the challenges many of us women have in trusting other women and developing deeper relationships with one another (read it here: Crossing the Line in Direct Sales.) That post triggered so many comments from women stating that what is in that post is right on point and the contentContinue reading “Healing Our Friendships”