The Real You

There are so many topics within the personal development space that it can seem we are an entirely broken people without hope or prayer of being anything other than broken. Granted there is a lot of hurt and pain in this world and some will say festering on these things day in and day outContinue reading “The Real You”

Salt of the Earth

Every now and then we meet these incredibly moving people that are described as “salt of the Earth” type of souls. They are kind, soft spoken, worldly and wise. They cross our paths in our daily life and provide these powerful experiences from their words or our interactions with them that change our worldview, improveContinue reading “Salt of the Earth”

Crunchy Leaves and Joints

It’s not a coincidence that as the leaves start to crunch under our feet each day that we find own body a little stiffer, achy or even in pain particularly in the joints. We are a little slower to rise out of our warm beds in the mornings when it is cooler and still darkContinue reading “Crunchy Leaves and Joints”

Feeling Lost in Fall

In general not many of us welcome change in our life. We like to be comfortable and know what to expect. Surprises are only fun when they come in the form of confetti, birthday parties, gifts, lottery windfalls and regular fun, right? When unexpected surprises or changes occur we tend to go into reactive modeContinue reading “Feeling Lost in Fall”

October Natural News

Oh Fall! It’s a happy-sad season for me. I enjoy the colors that we can go visit in the mountains and the apples we get up that way. I do also enjoy the lower humidity where we live but it reminds me that summer is now gone. The days of bright sun and warm breezesContinue reading “October Natural News”