Weathering the Storms in Life

There is no doubt that 2020 will come with some storms. Those storms will beat against our windows and thunder over our roofs. The skies will grow dark and you will feel the pressure building. It will feel wild and powerful, demanding our attention, response and strength. It will feel as though that storm isContinue reading “Weathering the Storms in Life”

Emotional Holidays

We all have preconceived ideas of what the best holiday looks like. We all have ways we enjoy spending them. Some of us avoid the holidays and don’t like them as much as others. We delay, stall and grumble about the stores because it is our comfort zone. Some are planning holidays well before seasonsContinue reading “Emotional Holidays”

Queen of the Night

The Jasmine flower is known as the Queen of the night because it typically blooms when it is dark outside. The subtropical plant thrives in warm, humid climates where it emits a sweet aroma that is widely sought after for perfumes. Original to the Himalayas the jasmine flower now grows globally in warm climates andContinue reading “Queen of the Night”

Are Your Practicing Self-Care or Self-Survival?

Maybe it’s the rebellious soul that I have but honestly, I think the general lack of caring about self-care when things aren’t going well in life is because of the mainstream popularity of the buzzword “self-care.” I know when I’m having stressful day or just a plain bad day, the last thing on my mindContinue reading “Are Your Practicing Self-Care or Self-Survival?”

The Melissa Challenge

The Melissa Challenge is an ideal way to support your emotional health needs if you are suffering from the January blues.  Melissa is a natural support oil that when incorporated into our daily health routine gives our bodies a much needed immunity boost and supports our emotional system to negate feelings that are deflating andContinue reading “The Melissa Challenge”